Dental Checklist For The Prodigal Dental Patient

Dental Checklist For The Prodigal Dental Patient

In our last blog entry, we talked about three easy resolutions for 2015 that can help you get your mouth back on track. The first resolution was to get proactive about checkups. Let’s delve a little deeper into this resolution.

Overcome the fear

The one thing that stops most people from scheduling an appointment with their dentist is the “fear.” What fear exactly? The fear that they’ll sit down in the dentist’s chair and the dentist will take one look at your mouth and cry out in horror. After months (or years) off from seeing the dentist regularly, you might think your mouth is a lost cause.

But that’s not the case! Like we mentioned before, we here at Smiles at the Square (and most dentists, we’d assume) are non-judgmental when it comes to oral hygiene. Whether we see you once every 6 months or are seeing you for the first time, expect us to be friendly and helpful with your oral health.

So, pick up the phone or email us, then set up an appointment! It’s that easy. Because we anticipate new patients in 2015, we’ve assembled a checklist for the “Prodigal Dental Patient,” if you will. If you haven’t been to see the dentist in years, take heed!

1. Take an inventory

Have there been any past issues with your teeth or gums? Be prepared to let us know about braces, retainers, etc. If you remember your last dentist, see if they can forward your history to the dentist. Then take an inventory of current issues. Are you experiencing toothaches? Bleeding gums when you brush? Bad breath? Keep this at the top of your head when you come to see us.

2. Brush your teeth and floss daily!

After scheduling your checkup, hang up the phone (or get up from your computer chair) and head to the bathroom and brush! Then find some floss (trust us, whether it’s covered in dust or not, there’s floss around) and do your best. Check out your teeth and gums in the mirror. Any issues? Add them to the inventory. Make sure you’re brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day!

3. Use mouthwash daily

Whether or not you have a dentist appointment, this is good advice. Daily mouthwash use helps eliminate bacteria and keeps your mouth healthy.

4. Research teeth whitening

Aside from a checkup and cleaning, teeth whitening may be of interest to you. Zoom! Teeth Whitening is the industry standard is lightyears ahead of the over-the-counter Crest/Colgate strips. It’s an easy procedure and you’ll feel confident about your smile afterward!

5. Don’t sweat it!

Don’t be nervous on the day of the appointment! Eat a light meal beforehand (try to avoid sweets) and just show up!

Follow this checklist and you’ll be well-prepared for your “homecoming” dental checkup!

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