Meet Your Rittenhouse Square Dentist

Meet Your Rittenhouse Square Dentist

Choose Wisely: Choose the Smiles at the Square!

Hello and welcome to our very first blog entry! Our dental practice is Smiles at the Square and we’re thrilled to be serving the Philadelphia area. And we’re even more thrilled to be serving you from our favorite location in the city: Rittenhouse Square.

If you’re not familiar with our practice, let this first entry be your introduction to Smiles at the Square. Our practice is headed by Dr. Nancy R. Harris who graduated from the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and continued in Philadelphia at the Albert Einstein Northern Division with the general practice dental residency program.

Along with Dr. Harris is Dr. Cathy Levin who received her DMD from the University of Pennsylvania and previously had a cosmetic dental practice located in Washington Square. Along with Rachel, our Dental Hygienist, Skye, our dental assistant, and Kathy, our Patient/Treatment Coordinator, we are the Smiles On The Square team!

Which Rittenhouse Square dentist is for me?

There are seemingly a ton of dentists offering cosmetic dentistry in Rittenhouse Square, so it can be a bit overwhelming when you go onto Google and search “Philly Dentist.” Trust us, we’ve tried it! You’ll be treated to a list of names and practices (including ours!) and you might think, “Sheesh, where do I even begin?”

No matter where you begin your search, it’s important to know what a practice values most and what its mission is when it comes to practicing dentistry. If you come across a practice and get a bad vibe or a sense that they’re cold or sterile, chances are they might be.

So rather than you peruse our website and make a gut reaction, we’d like to try and tell you what we’re all about. Dr. Harris and Dr. Levin have both operated their own practices from the mid-80s in different parts of Philadelphia. Dr. Harris was on Broad Street in South Philly and Dr. Levin was in Washington Square. All of us here at Smiles on the Square love helping fellow Philadelphians with their dental needs and that’s what we’re passionate about.

Maybe it’s just that we love getting up in the morning and seeing so much beauty in our surroundings or maybe it’s the friendliness we encounter nearly every day from our patients and people walking around the city, but for us, there’s nothing like Philadelphia.

And, Philadelphian to Philadelphian, we want to provide you with the best dentistry services possible. We’re a down-to-earth staff with out-of-this-world dental technology. We’ll see children and adults and will coordinate around your schedule to make things easy. Need an appointment on your lunch break? No sweat! We’ll work with you.

We hope you’ve gotten to know us a little better! We hope that no matter what dental service you choose, you make the choice that’s right for you. No matter what, we’ll be here in Rittenhouse Square waiting to help you with your dental needs.