Cosmetic Smile Makeovers

A smile is the purest expression of happiness, and yet some don’t feel comfortable smiling at all due to cosmetic issues. If you’ve gotten used to hiding your smile or trained yourself to smile only in a certain way, you may find extensive relief and liberating self-confidence from a cosmetic smile makeover. At Smiles at the Square, we believe that every person should be able to smile worry-free and have an experienced, knowledgeable and skilled dentist on their side to make it happen.

What’s Involved in a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover can include any procedure designed to enhance the appearance of your smile. Unlike general dentistry, which focuses on treating diseases and decay, a cosmetic smile makeover will utilize cosmetic procedures to enhance the appearance of your smile. Of course, one of the benefits of having your smile makeover done at Smiles at the Square where we specialize in every type of dentistry is that whatever your smile needs, whether treatment or cosmetic, we can take care of. We can also ensure that every cosmetic procedure you undergo is the right choice for your dental health as well as your appearance.

Specific concerns addressed in a cosmetic smile makeover include:

● Gaps between teeth
● Stained and discolored teeth
● Previous cosmetic solutions that have become mismatched or discolored
● Crooked teeth
● Chipped teeth
● Broken teeth
● Missing teeth

To address these cosmetic issues, our dentists may recommend procedures such as implants, veneers, dental bonding, in-office whitening or at-home whitening trays, inlays, bridges and more. You may be surprised to learn how quick, easy and painless many of these procedures are—especially when they have such an enormous impact on appearance.
Generally, surgical procedures are not part of a smile makeover, as those would fall under general dentistry. Exceptions to this may include implants which involves replacing missing teeth.

Schedule a Consultation for a Smile Makeover

The specifics of your smile makeover will have much to do with your specific situation and goals for your appearance. Smile makeovers are not a one-size-fits-all solution! That’s why we like to get to know each candidate for cosmetic smile makeovers so that we can be sure we are able to address every concern and find the most appropriate solution for each. To learn more about how we makeover smiles and to get an evaluation and answers to your specific questions, schedule an appointment at our office. It’s the first step toward achieving your dream smile!

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