Crowns & Bridges

Crowns are made to fit over an original tooth, particularly one that is decayed, damaged or cracked and needs to be restored to its normal size and strength for cosmetic reasons and practical reasons like chewing. While made of a variety of different materials, we do not use amalgam at our Philadelphia dental practice. Porcelain is preferred, as it is safer and gives a more natural appearance. This material is also good for those who grind their teeth.

The process of applying a crown usually takes 3-4 weeks, with about 2-3 visits to our office during this time. Upon completion of a crown, it’s imperative that you maintain proper dental hygiene (i.e. brushing daily, flossing). With proper care, this treatment can last a lifetime.

The treatment plan involving a crown typically goes as follows:

● Your dentist will numb the tooth and remove the decay in/around it.
● Your tooth is then re-sculpted to best fit the crown to it.
● Your dentist takes an impression of your teeth to make a custom crown for you.
● Your dentist gives you a temporary acrylic crown while your permanent, custom crown is being made.
● Your dentist applies your permanent crown to your tooth, and after it is properly fitted, cements it into place.

Bridges at Smiles at the Square

This dental device helps fill a space previously occupied by a tooth. Bridges serve to prevent the shifting of teeth around the now open space. Shifted teeth can lead to occlusion (dentistry term for bite problems) and/or jaw problems, as well as periodontal disease. Bridges also safeguard existing teeth by keeping them in place, which serves to maintain your healthy, radiant smile.

The types of bridges provided by our dental team include:

● Fixed Bridge: The most popular of the three types. It’s a filler tooth that is attached to two crowns that are fitted over existing teeth. These crowns work to hold the bridge in place.
● “Maryland” Bridge: Mostly used to replace missing front teeth. We use white-colored composite resin on these to match your existing tooth color, for a natural look.
● Cantilever Bridge: Used in cases where there are teeth on only one side of the span.

During your initial visit, our expert team will evaluate all aspects of your smile and dental health to determine whether crowns or bridges are the right solution for you. Questions? Ready to set up an appointment? For more information on these treatments, please contact our office.

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