Dental Implants

Choosing a dentistry practice for dental implants and other general dentistry needs can be tough. Every patient wants to feel comfortable and like they’re in good hands. At Smiles at the Square, we place an emphasis on client comfort so that everyone who walks through our doors can get their dental needs taken care of with as little discomfort as possible.

Originally, dental implants were created to help secure loose-fitting dentures. Thanks to engineering and the enhancement of dental treatments across the board, implants are now widely used for a variety of dental needs. Today, the most common use for dental implants is the replacement of missing or lost teeth.

Missing teeth are not just a cosmetic concern. For some, the loss of a tooth puts strain on remaining teeth and can impact your bite and even your ability to chew and speak. You may even notice muscle pain in your jaw and tension headaches resulting from that pain. Dentists prefer the use of dental implants when a missing tooth has no teeth surrounding it.

Dental Implants at Smiles at the Square

No two smiles are the same and treatment will vary based on your individual needs. At Smiles at the Square, we’ll carefully examine your teeth, review your dental history and speak with you to determine that dental implants are the right solution for you.

We offer the following dental implant treatments:

● Full Upper Replacement
● Anterior and/or Posterior Replacement
● Single Tooth Replacement

In most cases we are able to provide this treatment in office in about one hour for a single tooth replacement and in two to three hours for multiple implants.

Caring for Dental Implants

For those who have received a dental implant or will down the line, we’d like to impart some important information on Post Implant Care. Proper oral hygiene is always important, but when it comes to having a dental implant, it becomes even more of a priority. Inadequate oral care allows bacteria to take over, which causes the gums to swell and jaw bones to recede overtime. When a jawbone recedes, implants weaken and may need removal. In addition to placing dental implants, we can also remove and restore implants previously placed that are starting to cause discomfort. When properly cared for, your implant can last decades. Be sure to keep up on proper oral care, and visit us twice a year for preventative care!

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