Root Canal Therapy

No one should have to live with the pain of infected tissue within a tooth. Yet many avoid seeking treatment for fear of pain and discomfort, as the term root canal is often associated with an extremely unpleasant experience. In reality though, and especially at our practice, root canal therapy (also known as just a root canal or root canal treatment) can be done with little to no pain and discomfort thanks to the way the treatment has advanced over the years. In fact, from the moment you walk into our practice to the moment you leave, our team strives to create as pleasant an experience as possible for you. So instead of worrying about your next visit, rest assured you’re in good hands with the Smiles at the Square team.

What Is Root Canal Therapy and When Is It Necessary?

Root canal therapy is often the solution when a tooth’s pulp and subsequently its nerves become infected. Infections can happen for a number of reasons including a deep, untreated cavity, complications from fillings, cracked or broken teeth, and even trauma or injury to a tooth. Infections like this often present themselves as general oral or jaw pain that might be difficult to place, but a specialist at our practice can help determine the cause of the pain and if a root canal is necessary.

Untreated, an infected tooth pulp may result in disease which causes the tooth to die and eventually be extracted. To avoid that, root canal therapy involves removing the infected or damaged tissue inside the tooth and filling the cavity with a medicated substance. Finally, a cap is placed on the tooth to further protect it and restore its original shape.

Ultimately, root canal therapy is an effective intervention that can save your tooth from extraction.

What Happens After Root Canal Therapy

After treatment, we’ll schedule follow up appointments to monitor the health of your tooth and ensure treatment is progressing the way we expected. You may notice mild discomfort in the day or two following treatment, so we’ll go over some options for management which can usually be done with over the counter medications. Continue to keep the area clean with regular brushing and flossing as you normally would, and let us know right away if you experience any swelling, pain or pressure.

Root canal therapy can be your path to relieving pain and usually involves no more discomfort than a simple filling. Contact our office with any questions you may have about root canal therapy or to schedule an appointment.

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