Teeth Whitening

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that 48% of Americans believe a smile matters most in making a lasting impression. That being said, it’s no wonder teeth whitening has grown into such a high demand dental service.

Dr. Nancy R. Harris and Dr. Cathy Levin are experts in teeth whitening. Using Philips Zoom Whitening, a product strictly reserved for the use of dental professionals, our dentists have watched patients’ once stained and discolored teeth give way to radiant pearly whites. Before we get to the whitening, we’ll need to schedule a visit to determine if this is the proper course of treatment for you.

We currently offer this service for the low price of $499. An offer code can be found on the Zoom Whitening website for an additional $50 off.

Contact our office for more information on this procedure and pricing.