Dental Implants

Originally, dental implants were created to help secure loose-fitting dentures. Thanks to engineering and the enhancement of dental treatments across the board, implants are now widely used for a variety of dental needs. Today, the most common use for dental implants is the replacement of missing or lost teeth. Dentists prefer the use of dental implants when a missing tooth has no teeth surrounding it.

At Smiles at the Square, we perform the following dental implant treatments:

  • Full Upper Replacement
  • Anterior and/or Posterior Replacement
  • Single Tooth Replacement

For those who have received a dental implant or will down the line, we’d like to impart some important information on Post Implant Care. Proper oral hygiene is always important, but when it comes to having a dental implant, it becomes even more of a priority. Inadequate oral care allows bacteria to take over, which causes the gums to swell and jaw bones to recede overtime. When a jawbone recedes, implants weaken and may need removal. With proper care though, your implant can last decades. Be sure to keep up on proper oral care, and visit us twice a year!